Cooking up Treats

Dear Parents,

We have been oh so busy in our second week of Kindergarten!

We started off the week on Monday introducing ice cream paper! The paper consists of strawberry at the top, vanilla in the middle, and chocolate on the bottom! This paper helps the kiddos form their letters the Superkids way and how fun since it is ice cream flavors! Then at the end of the day, we each enjoyed a scoop of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate ice cream! What an awesome surprise!!
This Thursday, we completed the lesson plan with our first Superkid, Cass! Our class put their best writing forward when it came to forming the upper and lower case C. We hope that you were able to practice the form with your child during the week too! They all worked so hard and we are proud of their accomplishments, as we know writing our first letters can be a tough one at first!

The class continued to identify words with the /k/ sound and we added to our growing list of words. This is a fun activity for them, as they like to learn about unfamiliar words and what they mean. We’ve been impressed by their dedication coming up with the most unique one! We encourage you to find those unique words with your child.
At the end of our lesson with Cass, we decided to follow one of her very own recipes in the back of the book and made cool cups! Everyone took a turn pouring their own juice into their cup! It was a great treat for our Fabulous Fun Friday to enjoy our popsicles, and guess what? The popsicles were sweet (and very delicious)! We hope that you all have a chance to make them together as a family too!

On Friday, we got to meet our next Superkid, Oswald! He loves odd animals. We learned that he likes ostriches and ocelots. Did you know ocelots look like giant cats? They also live here in the United States- but mainly in Texas or southern Arizona. In the upcoming weeks, our class will focus on the letter o and the short o sound. Be on the lookout for interesting animals that start with the short o (/ah/) sound- like an octopus!

Our mathematicians were hard at work this week too learning how to sort by the same shape and same size, as well as sorting by color. The kids have really embraced this concept and we often see them sorting some of the toys in our class during free play. It’s such an awesome part of our day to see the children putting what they’ve learned into real-world applications. We’re so proud of them!

It’s been a packed week with birthdays! Tuesday we celebrated Lucas’s 6th birthday and on Thursday, we celebrated Charlotte’s 5th! Happy birthday you two!

In other exciting news, our class completed putting together their Mr. Potato Head which meant everyone got to enjoy a dum dum lollipop on Thursday! We use the Mr. Potato Head to encourage the class to always do their best and to stay as focused as possible when at our specials each week. Each special a new piece is added and when completed, Ms. Kathie and I come up with something exciting and fun! Who knows what they could earn next?!

Also, please remember that Parent Night is on Tuesday 8/27/2019 from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Mrs. Siegelman and I will be going over the Superkids curriculum, as well as other important aspects of your child’s learning, such as math, handwriting, and science. I hope to see you there!

Lastly, before I forget, the word of the week is: OSWALDERIE (another great tongue twister!)

With love,
Ms. Porto and Ms. Kathie