Weekly Update from 2nd grade

Hello Parents,

I hope your weekend has been spent with people you love doing what you enjoy. Yesterday afternoon, I met my family at a Polish festival in Lawrenceville and ate some of my favorite foods and listened to traditional Polish music. Anytime I get to visit my heritage, I take full advantage of it because I feel closer to my dear grandparents whom I miss very much and I just smile all day long.

Saturday morning, I graded all of the assessments your student took on Friday, and I must say that everybody did a very good job. The gentle ease of 2nd grade is just about over, but please let me assure you that your student is handling the rigor of 2nd grade extremely well. I do teach every concept in school so that when the homework piece is done, you should not have to help your student. Please do not have your student correct any mistakes at home because I want to see the progress or the struggles your student is having with their work. Just make sure the homework is complete and initial your student’s agenda is their blue binder. Thank you.

In Science, we have completed Investigation 1 which focused on how and what a beam balance is and the importance of keeping this tool balanced. Your student learned that at times the key to balancing weight is the fulcrum moving towards the heavier weight. This week in Investigation 2, we are working with a pan balance and our Beaker Buddies whom are the eighth graders. Words such as equilibrate and balance indicator will be introduced and practiced throughout the week. Our young scientists will label the pan balance and practice using different objects to compare the weight of the two objects. The older scientists will work with your student in making sure he or she understands the importance of the pan balance.

From Mrs. Littleton – History: We spoke a lot this week about compromise and the challenges our Founding Fathers had in educating the 13 states about the Constitution. We practiced some drawing skills and re-created Independence Hall, where the Constitutional Convention took place. We also talked about two important groups, the Federalists and the Anit-Federalists and how they contributed to helping modify and improve the Constitution with the addition of the Bill of Rights. Next week we will focus more on the Bill of Rights, and what it means.

Tuesday, August 27 from 7:00-8:00 is our Parent Night. During this hour, Mrs. Littleton and I will go over all that is taught and all that happens in 2nd grade. If interested, you can sign up for any parties that you would like to help out with or possibly be a chaperon for our field trip. Please try to attend because you will be in the know and feel better about what’s to come for your 2nd grader.

Until then, I hope you have fun the rest of this weekend, and I’ll see you soon.

Yours truly,
Cheryl Leagan
2nd grade teacher
The Wood Acres School