50 years! What an accomplishment! What a legacy! What a success story! What a reason to celebrate!

While not as globally grand as walking on the moon, or musically influential as Woodstock, or eternally entertaining as Sesame Street, The Wood Acres School shares its 50th anniversary with these 1969 trailblazers.  Who would have known that The Wood Acres Country Day School begun in several rented cottages in what would become East Cobb would flourish into the 9+ beautiful acres and over 10 buildings that is the home of The Wood Acres School today. 

Dreams do become reality with hard work, team work and the providence of visionary faculty, staff, and administration.  Over the last 50 years Wood Acres has shared its vision of teaching, learning, and caring with 5 decades of students and their supportive families.  Just do the math- over 10,000 students have matriculated here as well as thousands of summer campers who enjoyed the simple joys of “fun in the sun”.  We have used the tools of learning well- hundreds of thousands of pages in text and library books, crayons and markers, pencils and erasers, as well as 21st century digital footprints- not on the moon- but in the minds and hearts of our wonderful students.  That does not even begin to mention the snacks eaten each day, the lunches devoured at noon, or the celebratory treats that come with birthdays, new siblings, campus wide events, and a classic gumball machine each Friday. 

5 Decades             600 Months           2609 Weeks            18,263 Days            438,312 Hours

26,298,720 Minutes            1,577,923,200 Seconds

It recalls the wonderful anthem from the Broadway musical “Rent”.    525,600 minutes   How do you measure a year?  In LOVE- seasons of LOVE!   We love what we do.  We love that what we do matters.  We love every opportunity when we can be an educational role model for our students.  We love to learn from them.  We love acorns, oak leaves, Ginkgos, compass roses, books, rallying around the flag, and celebrating reading, writing, arithmetic, respect and responsibility.  We are a school for all seasons and all the right reasons!

We celebrate our 200 seasons of love, laughter and learning!


Judy Thigpen