What’s Going On?

Daily geography questions will take up the first 7 or so minutes at the start of each history class. Beginning on Mondays, students will keep these in their binders and be responsible for answering the two questions each day. We will discuss what the theme is for the week, how to refer to the map page, as well as any questions they may have at any point of the week. Please note: The challenge is bonus! It is not required of them, however, it does make up for any one question missed throughout the week.

We have started our unit on Human Origins and are outlining our first section together. The Iceman Murder Mystery, our next DBQ, will help them connect what they are reading to a real-life event. Project info for cave paintings will be coming out soon…

Students have almost gotten through their very first unit in vocabulary and will have their first quiz this Thursday. Each of them has a set of flashcards they can use for studying or sadlierconnect.com is the online component they can use for games/review as well. We have also started in our first novel together, Surviving the Applewhites. Throughout the book, students are expected to pull out unfamiliar vocabulary (as well as know what they mean!) and use characterization skills to explain what makes each Applewhite unique. There will be a whole book test at the end of this novel.

We are currently working to get our journaling online – which I thought would be easier – so thank you for your patience as we set that up. Like I said at Parent Night, all essay/final paper writing will be done in school. Hooray!