August 30 2019

Week two is in the books! Thank you all so much for coming out to parent night last night! I hope all your questions were answered!
I can’t believe we are already wrapping up our second week. This week, we focused our review on shapes and colors. We completed many crafts, including shape monsters, trains where they had to match the shapes and a teddy bear paper puzzle.
Next week we will be starting with our first story and first letter in our Happily Ever After pre-reading program, Little Red Riding Hood. I am so excited to get going with our curriculum! I know the kids will really enjoy it too! We will also start our first math unit, “What Are Numbers?”. We will be focusing on working with numbers 1-10 for the next few weeks.
We also met our Book Buddies this week! We are book buddies with Mrs. Littleton’s second grade classroom! At least once a month, we will meet with our book buddies to do fun activities like crafts, play games and read books! Ask your child if they remember their book buddies name!
Next week I will also be starting the Letter Bag and starting Tommy the Turtle, so please be on the lookout for those!
Thank you again for helping our classroom run so smoothly these first few weeks. I know the transition from summer to school can be tough, but it sure seemed easy with this bunch of kids.

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