4th Grade Weekly Update Week of September 2-6

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! I’m looking forward to another great week of learning! A couple of you asked if you could donate anything to the classroom and I’d love some donations of Clorox wipes! They make cleaning the tables and other surfaces in the classroom much easier, especially as cold and flu season approaches!

ELA: This week we will finish up our “All About Me” newspapers and begin our first novel study unit, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. The spelling words passed out last Friday are also the vocabulary terms used throughout the first and second chapter of the book. Throughout this unit, we will answer comprehension questions about the pages we’ve read, complete journal entries, and we’ll create a book scene index card after each chapter. It will include a scene from the book on one side, the main idea from the chapter, a favorite part, and detail found in the chapter on the other side. At the end of the novel, these cards will help them create a summary of the novel as a whole. In grammar this week, we’ll review compound subjects and predicates.

History: We’ll finish and review the cumulative map practice that was given last week in preparation for our end unit test late in the week. We’ll review all the lessons we’ve covered so far: longitude, latitude, reading a physical and political map, and time zones.

Math: We’ll start the week with a review of rounding from the previous week, an important skill to master before moving on! We’ll continue our place value unit looking at working with money and problem solving skills using a number line or table.

Science: Last week, students had fun exploring the world of microscopy as they learned how to operate a compound microscope! We also took a moment to revisit all of the information we learned about how our eyes help us see, refraction, and different types of lenses. Students received an outline detailing all of the big ideas we learned in Investigation One and Two. They worked with partners to find the missing word in the outline. These outlines will be graded and returned to students this week to use as a study reference for our upcoming test. They will receive one more outline as we conclude Investigation Three. Our unit test will be on Monday, September 9th. It will cover the information we have learned within Investigations 1-3 of our Microscopes and Magnification Cell.