September 6 2019

Happy Friday!

We had a busy week this week starting our pre-reading program, Happily Ever After! The kids heard learned their first letter, M on Tuesday and heard the first story, Little Red Riding Hood on Wednesday. They did such a great job this week with the letter M! This week, they were introduced to morning work, where they will do an activity involving the letter of the week. The kids did such a great job remembering to complete it first thing before going to play! We made many crafts to go along with the letter M including masks, marshmallow monsters and Mud Puddles! We celebrated the end of our first letter by enjoying some “Monster Mix” full of fun snacks and treats! We also did a fun activity in the Beaker Jr. (science lab) involving some floating M&M’s! I’ve been so proud of how hard they’ve been working this week. It is a big change from our 3’s program, but the kids did a fabulous job!
We will continue with our Little Red Riding Hood story next week. We will be doing more listening activities and coloring activities involving that story. Thank you so much for keeping an eye out for that letter bag as well! The kids really have fun guessing what is in the bag. Make sure to check for the little card inside the letter bag next week, as we will be leaving M behind and starting a new letter!
We also celebrated our first birthday this year, Nikhil! The children loved celebrating Nikhil, but I think they enjoyed the cookie cake the best!
Please be on the lookout for conference sheets going home next week! Conferences are held on September 23rd and 24th. There will be no school or treehouse those days, so please plan accordingly. If you aren’t able to make conferences or plan to be out of town that week, please let me know!
Has for now, I hope you all have a nice weekend!

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