Weekly Update from Mrs. Pumphrey

Save the Date:
September 15 @ 9:30: Constitution Day Rally Round the Flag celebration & Wood Acres 50th! Food trucks and fun!

September 23 & 24: Parent Teacher Conferences

Important Notes:
Book Report: Our first book report is a fiction book and the students will be completing a Cereal Box Project. The completed project is due on Wed. Sept. 25th. Students will be presenting their book reports to each other.

What’s Going on in our Classroom:
Reading: We are almost finished reading Frindle, by Andrew Clements and paying particular attention to answering comprehension questions, and providing a proof page for our answers. Our read aloud book is, City of Ember, by Jeanne DuPrau. Reading logs count for a reading grade, so please make sure these are signed nightly.

Spelling: The words are taken from Frindle and are: tropical, island, language, dictionary, vocabulary, shelf, answer, Ottawa, author, embarrass, delicious, commotion, responsible, troublemaker, fooled, disrupt, questions, creative, and nonsense. Test Friday.

Vocabulary: Unit 3 (pages 26-30) words are: active, bargain, gasp, loyal, resource, sensitive, struggle, value, vary, and wander. Don’t forget to have your child use www.vocabularyworkshop.com to study for the test on Friday.

Math: We are working on addition with regrouping.

Grammar: We will be finishing up Unit One, and then onto nouns.

History: We will begin our study of Canada!

Science: Students continue to explore properties of matter in the lab.

As always, call, text, or email me with questions. Have a great weekend!