4th Grade Weekly Update Week of September 9-13

Science: Our test on Investigations 1-3 is on Monday! Earlier in the week, you should have received an email that included a study guide outlining the topics that will be included on the test. Students should use their Investigation 1 and 2 outline, as well as the Investigation 3 outline to help prepare. The outline for Investigation 1 and 2 was graded and sent home with your child earlier in the week to begin reviewing. Investigation 3 outline was graded and sent home in Friday Folders. Please let me know if you have any questions!

ELA: We have loved getting into our new novel study Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing last week! We will continue reading this week, reading Chapters 3 and 4 after completing a journal entry reflecting on the first two chapters. We will review the definitions of our new spelling/vocabulary terms this week and complete some practice using them in context. In grammar, we’ll work on identifying complex and compound sentences and their structure and will review common and proper nouns.

History: We are finishing up our Using Maps unit this week. Students will complete a study guide to cumulatively review the content we’ve covered and participate in a review Jeopardy before the test on Thursday.

Math: Our math place value unit is also coming to an end this week. We’ll complete some cumulative review pages to practice the content before the test on Wednesday. Once we finish our test, we will begin the first lesson of Chapter 2, that covers three addition properties: commutative, identity, and associative properties. I’ve added a PDF attachment at the bottom of this blog post that includes the layout of the next two chapters that I’ve combined after meetings with Mrs. Pumphry and Mrs. Mazor. This group is strong in their addition and subtraction skills, and we’ll skip some of the lessons within the textbook and workbook because of it! No need to waste days on skills they’ve mastered! If you have a problem viewing the attachment or have questions, please let me know.

Other: We will meet with our Book Buddies for the first time this year on Friday! Our Book Buddies are Mrs. West’s 3 year olds! We’ll be making bracelets with our buddy’s name and sharing a book. Feel free to bring in a favorite picture book to share on Friday, but we will have other books available.

Wood Acres will be represented in the East Cobber parade this year! Check out https://eastcobber.com/parade/ for details about who’s included, the best places to park, and other fun things to do! Please join us for our 50th birthday celebration from 2:00-4:00 on Sunday the 15th! Students will be given a t-shirt on Friday that they can wear to the event.

Chapters 2 and 3 Combined