5th Grade Weekly Update for Week of September 9th

Photo Highlight of the Week: Students loved playing partner games to review our decimal place value knowledge! We played Place Value Yahtzee, Decimal Tic-Tac-Toe, and Estimating Extravaganza Dice Game!

Math: On Monday, we will have our first unit test! Remember, the best way to prepare for a math test is to practice, practice, practice! To help students practice in a fun way, I emailed parents a Jeopardy review game for students to practice. The e-mail also included a study guide, which outlines all of the topics included on the tests. All students were instructed to bring home textbooks as well. On Tuesday, we will kick off our multiplication unit. Within this unit, we will focus on helping students improve mental math skills by studying multiplication patterns with zeros and finding the product of larger numbers with three digit multipliers and multiplicands.

Science: This week, we had fun examining our own cheek cells under the microscope in order to explore the organelles of an animal cell! On Monday, I will introduce our Cell Model Project! This is a fun project where students will create an edible or non-edible 3D model of a plant or animal cell to share with others on Monday, October 14th! The purpose of this project is to help students learn the similarities and differences of organelles present in the animal and plant cells, as well as their functions. It is a fun fifth grade tradition that former students loved!

In Investigation Two, students had so much fun examining their fingerprints under the microscope that I created an extra credit opportunity that will allow them to explore the world of dactyloscopy at home! In Friday Folders, there was a handout that included some background information about dactyloscopy and identifying different types of fingerprint patterns. It also included some fun experiments students can try at home! If students decide to try one of the experiments, they can bring it in to class to show and receive 5 additional bonus points on a future science test or project! If students decide to participate in this optional activity, they must bring it in to share by Friday, September 20th.

ELA: We love reading Tuck Everlasting! On Friday, we discovered that someone stole the Tuck’s horse, and we have a sneaky suspicion of who it may be! This week, we will find out if we are right! In our reading this week, students will complete a response to literature writing task. Within this writing assignment, we will focus on creating strong topic and concluding sentences and using bigger and better transition words when providing support! Last week, we introduced new vocabulary words for chapters 9-14. Our vocabulary test will be on Wednesday of this week. This list does not have words with similar meanings like our last list; therefore, the format of the test will be slightly different. Students will be provided with a word bank including all of the words. Then, they will be expected to match the words with their definitions and complete sentences using the correct word. The options on each question will not be limited like our previous test. In grammar, we will learn how to identify direct and indirect objects and diagram them correctly.

History: Our first group of current event presentations took place this week. I was very impressed with the preparedness of the presenters and thoughtful questions from the audience! I always look forward to hearing which topics interest our fifth graders and usually learn something new myself! In Daily Geography this week, we will focus on the hemispheres of Earth. We’ll compare the views of Earth, look at the lines of latitude and longitude, equator, and prime meridian. We will finish up our last region, Alaska and Hawaii on Monday. Last Friday, students researched Alaska and Hawaii and picked out the 10 most important facts about each unique states, we’ll share those facts on Monday. Students will also receive a study guide to narrow down the topics found within this unit in preparation for our test on Friday. We’ll play a review game to help prepare as well!

Other: Please join us on Saturday, September 14th as we march in the East Cobber Parade. Festivities begin at 10:00 p.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m. Come show your love and support for Wood Acres! On Sunday, September 15th we will also have our special celebration in honor of Wood Acres’ 50th anniversary and Constitution Day! Come to the school from 2:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m. We are excited to celebrate this special day with you!

Week at a Glance:
Monday: Ch 1 Math Test
Wednesday: Ch 9-14 Tuck Vocab Test
Friday: Regions History Test
Saturday: September 14th- East Cobber Parade 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
Sunday: September 15th- Constitution Day/WA 50th Anniversary Celebration 2:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.