Sept. 6, 2019 Newsletter

Our theme this week was color mixing to make secondary colors. We first heard the book, “Little Yellow and Little Blue,” In the story, Little Yellow hugs Little Blue and they become green. We duplicated the action using little balls of yellow and blue play dough and mashed them together to get the new color. On the next day, the class created their own green monster after listening to the book, “Go Away Big Green Monster,” by Ed Emberley. I highly recommend checking this entertaining book out from the public library. On Thursday, the children mixed yellow and red paint to paint Gilbert Goldfish after the book was read to them. But the fun began when the class mixed red and yellow food coloring in vanilla pudding to make it orange. See photos below. Lastly, the class made purple shaving cream when red and blue paint was applied. “Purplelicious” is the perfect story for this activity.

The boys and girls did a great job of rotating small groups so we can have our first meeting of the Investigator Club. They were introduced to Dilly Gator, her brother J T, and to Auntie Lu. They heard the story about how the Investigator Club started with the building of the clubhouse (tree house.) See photo of the Investigators.

Save the Dates!! East Cobber Parade Sat. Sept 13 on Johnson Ferry Rd., starting at 10:00 and will feature Wood Acres teachers and students. Sunday, Sept. 14, from 2-4, is our 50th Birthday Bash at school! You don’t want to miss either event.

Parent -Teacher Conferences are approaching on Mon. Sept, 23 and Tues. Sept. 24. Please email me to let me know if you have a time and day preference. Because of a teacher workshop on Monday, I will not be able to schedule conferences after 11:30 on Monday.

Next week, we begin our study on shapes……..Circle, Square and Triangle.

Thank you parents for donating items from our wish list!! You are awesome!! If you have not donated your item yet, now is a good time to do so.

Thank you also, to Caroline Torbett for reading to the class as a Mystery Reader! Sawyer was so surprised!! See photo below. We have next Friday, Sept. 13 free if anyone would like to read. Just email me.

Have a super weekend.

Wanda and Erika

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