We The People of The Wood Acres School! 🇺🇸

Wood Acres families,

We hope you enjoyed your weekend. As you all know Dorian has affected many people. If you are or know of anyone who is, we would like to send out deepest thoughts.

This week we will work on shapes. (circle square stars) Shapes here, shapes there, shapes are everywhere!

To introduce the shape “circle”. For fine motor skills, we will be working on strengthening our pencil grip by tracing circles with a crayon. For creativity, we will make bird feeders out of pipe cleaners and Cheerios.

To introduce the shape “square”, we will work on our fine motor skills by cutting squares with scissors. For creativity, your creativity little one will make a square person out of construction paper.

To introduce the shape “star”, we will be discussing the stars on our the American flag and create a star college to hang in our windows to bring in our celebration of Constitution day.

For review on Friday for, we will play hide and seek the shape. Mrs. Thomas and I will hide these shapes throughout our campus quad and encourage the child to seek out the shapes. What a busy little bee your child will be!

Investors Club we will be working on the following;

Oral Language – Introducing circle flap board
The objective is to recognize, describe and compare shapes.

Social and Emotional Skills – It’s okay to be me

The objective is to understand that we are all different in many ways.

Music – Rain Rain Go Away
The objective is to appreciate different types of music and experiment with music, concept, volume, and sound movement to the beat

Phonological Awareness – Sharing chair
The objective is to listen and community thoughts

Friendly reminders;

– This weeks mystery reader, we would like to welcome Mrs. Roszak Jasper’s mother. The children are looking forward to hearing some of Jasper’s favorite books.

– Constitution Day is September 15th from 2-4. All are welcome. Come and celebrate our 50th year together as one. Please stay afterwards for so yummy treats and a walk down memory lane as you look throughout our campus classroom. We hope to see you all there.

– Fun Friday – Stars and Stripes day . Wear your favorite stars or stripes shirt to school!

– School/Treehouse will be closed September 23rd – 24th for in-house training and Parent Teacher conferences. I will be sending home this week your scheduled time and day. If for some reason you are unable to make your scheduled time, please let me know and I would be more then happy to work out the best time to meet with you. I am looking forward to catching up with you.

This months birthday, we would like to wish Bailey a very Happy 4th Birthday. May her day be filled with like of joy and wishes that come true!

Thank you for your continued cooperation and support. We wouldn’t be successful as teachers without you.
Ms. Orsano & Mrs. Thomas