Parent Update

Happy Sunday!! I hope you all have had a nice weekend. We have had a great week at The Woods!! Sweet smiles and hugs! We have so enjoyed getting to know your children these first weeks of school! Everyone is getting into a nice rhythm of our day together.

We have completed our Color Unit, with many fun, hands on activities. We hope you have enjoyed the pictures!! Playdough, hand painting, pudding and more color mixing experiments!! We read several books to introduce colors and played games in large group time. This past week I also introduced the children to the Investigator Club characters. They have all been eager to engage the puppets/stuffed animals.

Many thanks to our first Mystery Readers! Helen ( WA 1st grader), sister of Dillon. Holly Walther, Jake’s Mommy! The children were very excited, and eager to listen to the stories!

On that note, I will remind you of the events of the upcoming week:
*Shape Unit will begin on Monday
*Tuesday @ 6:30: Early Literacy Q&A Roundtable
*WA will showcase a 50th Year, celebratory float, in the East Cobber Parade. Saturday, September 14th. Please come to cheer us on beginning at 10:00 A.M. WA will also have a booth at the East Cobber Festival, stop by to show your support.
*Sunday, September 15th is the big day! 2:00 pm we celebrate 50 years!! 50 YEARS and Constitution Day! Sweet treats and live music!! RSVP to 770-971-1880 or

As always, please reach out to me via phone or email.
Liesel West