A Person’s a Person no matter how small they are. Dr. Seuss

Wood Acres families,

What a dazzling week we’ve had last week as we discovered new shapes and celebrated our country as a school community! Constitution day was a hit. The children looked so patriotic (and ADORABLE) dressed up in our school t-shirts and silly hats! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to join us on this special day. Uniting together as a faculty, student body and family to celebrate our freedom is one of the things that makes The Wood Acres such a special place to be!

This week, we will continue with shapes as we introduce two more shapes, oval and rectangle. The children did a fantastic job during this unit as they discovered that shapes are everywhere. As we close out this unit, we will play some of our favorite games, shape bingo and hide n-seek shapes are just a few, but who knew the kids would enjoy these games to! For creativity, we will make Humpty Dumpty for the oval shape and rectangle people for rectangle. What creative little ones we have.

Investigator Club we will be working on the following;

– Social and Emotional skills: It’s ok to be me.
Objective is to understand that we are all different in many ways.

– Oral Language: Rectangle clap board.
Objective is to identify and match rectangles on the flap board.

– White Board: Forming rectangles on the board.
Objective is to use writing for a variety of purposes

Friendly reminders;

– Fun Friday is wacky hair day. Be creative and have your child come to school with their best looking wacky hair.

– Mystery reader is at 9:00. We would like to welcome Mrs. Hillery Caden’s mother with open arms. We are looking forwad to having her a part of our fun Friday and listening to some of Caden’s favorite books.

September Birthdays. We would like to wish Bailey a Happy 4th Birthday. May you have a day filled with lots of wishes that come true.

Have safe and healthy week!
Ms. Orsano & Mrs. Thomas