Last week, we met our new Superkid Alf. To begin the unit, we listened to Alf sing a song about his adventures and the one gigantic problem he has… Ants follow him wherever he goes! Poor Alf!
For the next week, we’ll also talk about his adventures on the Amazon river, the Appalachian trail, Antarctica and many others. We will learn about the letter Aa short sound as in ant and apple. The children are doing very well with the dictations and know how to listen and recognize beginning and ending sounds.
Alf will be introducing us to the medial sound, the sound in the middle of the words. It will not be easy but we will be practicing through lots of games to reinforce the medial sound concept. In a few days, we’ll write a little story, “Our Adventure with Alf.” Our Book Buddies are coming on Friday to help us with our handwriting. It will make everything so much fun!