Sept. 22, 2019

Did someone say Fall begins tomorrow? One would never know from the thermometer. Summer just won’t let go. Anyway, “Happy Fall” and for some of our families, you will welcome the season by going to the beach for the week. What fun! For the rest of our families, I will be meeting with you for our Parent-Teacher conference on Monday or Tuesday. You will learn how your child is progressing in school and learn of our goals for the year.

This past week, our class met Tracy Triangle, Ricky Rectangle and Ollie Oval. We made some very cute crafts as we learned about these shapes like triangle trees with triangle leaves and a rectangle city. Next week, we will review shapes and then it’s on to numbers when everyone is back in school.
Enjoy the photos of our time in the sandbox, in Spanish class with Señora Thorogood, in Investigator Club, Caleb’s mom, Jenny Park, as Mystery Reader and celebrating Brian’s Birthday.
Happy Birthday Brian as he turns 4 tomorrow!

Have a fantastic week!

Wanda and Erika

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