4th Grade Weekly Update Week of September 23rd

I’ve been posting pictures of our weekly adventures on our newly put together Shutterfly account. Please check them out!

Science: On Friday, students received a study guide for our test on Investigation Four and Five. In Friday Folders, there was a graded worksheet from Investigation Four that students should use to help study. They should also use the databooks. The test will be on Thursday, September 26th!

Math: This week is about reviewing some of the more difficult concepts from the last two weeks and problem solving! We’ll review previously covered strategies and introduce logical reasoning when solving word problems. A quiz covering the first few lessons of Chapter 2 will take place when they return on Wednesday. It’s a good stopping point and check to make sure everyone is grasping the concepts we’ve covered so far. In order to prepare, students should review their completed workbook pages. All of the problems will be problems found on these pages.

ELA: We will continue our novel study of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by reading chapters 7 and 8 this week. Comprehension questions will be collected this week to checking for understanding. In grammar, we will start a unit on nouns. We’ll start with common and proper nouns and then review singular and plural nouns and the tricky spelling that comes with them! Spelling words were emailed out last week and hard copies have been passed out at conferences. The spelling test for this list will take place on Monday, October 20th.

History: We will read lessons two and three this week. The lessons cover mountain animals and and mountain barriers. We’re going to pull out the main ideas throughout these lessons to learn the foundations of mountain formation and the various characteristics of mountains and mountain ranges. Check out our four different types of mountains charts posted on the cabinets in our classroom!