5th Grade Weekly Update for Week of September 25th

ELA: Last week, we learned that Mae Tuck was arrested by the constable and Winnie Foster is plotting her escape with the Tuck family! This week, students will participate in a creative writing assignment as they pretend to be an investigative journalist interviewing Mae Tuck in order to get her take on the exciting events that led up to her arrest! Please remember that our Tuck Chapter 20-23 Vocabulary test is on Thursday! On Friday, we will read the final chapters of our novel! Students are excited to find out whether or not Winnie Foster will decide to save the bottle of spring water Jesse gave her to drink at a future date and find out the fate of Mae Tuck!

Please remember that our booktalk videos are due Friday, October 11th! Students should be wrapping up the reading portion and beginning to work on the script. If they bring in the script before October 4th, I am happy to read over it and offer feedback before they film.

Math: We are concluding our unit on multiplication this week. Students will learn how to read, write, and evaluate exponents. They will also practice how to write equations in order to solve word problems with multi-steps. Our unit test will be this Friday. A study guide was sent home last Friday, which includes the topics included in our unit test, as well as a list of textbook pages with additional practice problems.

Science: This week, we will conclude Investigation Four. Students will learn the similarities and differences between the plant and animal cell. They will also discover that some organelles present in plant cell, including chloroplast, depends on the location of the cell within the plant. For example, they will see that the elodea leaf contains chloroplast, where as, the onion specimen does not. We will discover why these differences occur and its significance. Soon, there will be more resources coming home in Friday Folders that will help with the cell model project, so be on the look out! Speaking of cell projects! On Wednesday, students need to let me know whether or not they plan to create an edible or non-edible model for the project. At this point, I do not need further details. However, I do need them to stick to the decision they have made, so I can plan accordingly. Thank you for your support!

History: We will finish up our Daniel Boone booklet that we started last week to introduce Westward Expansion. Our focus this week will be on how westward expansion affected the Native Americans, and Lewis and Clark’s expedition westward and how it affected the growth of the United States.

Week at a Glance:

Wednesday: Tell me if you are creating an edible or non-edible cell model
Thursday- Tuck Chapter 20-23 Vocabulary Test; Open Notes Vocab Quiz in Spanish
Friday- Chapter Two Math Test
Other: If you want feedback on booktalk script, bring in before October 4th.