Short, but sweet, week at The Woods!

Thank you all for attending conferences, I enjoyed meeting in person to discuss the progress of your children! It is nice to have a few, uninterrupted, moments to chat! As always, please reach out to me at anytime with questions, concerns etc. Phone, email, or drop a note in yellow folders!

This week has been short, but sweet!! We reviewed shapes by playing games, identifying, matching and sorting. The games included Shape Bingo and Toss the Bean Bag (large shapes taped out on the floor, throw bean bag then identify shape in which it landed)! We also discussed the change of season, although it does not feel much like Fall, the calendar says different. We read a fun book (A Color of His Own, by Leo Lionni) about a chameleon who changes colors, then water colored this beautiful, colorful animal. In the book, he stands on a leaf during Fall and changes colors, then falls with the leaves.

Upcoming, next week we will have our Farming Unit. This is an engaging lesson as we make the farm to fork connection! The children are often surprised that everything does not magically show up at the grocery store!! With Investigator Club, we have insightful vocabulary cards along with Listen and Learn CD tracks, which we incorporate with this Unit. We will “milk a cow” and make butter this week! I will send pictures! PLEASE have your child dress up as a Farmer on Wednesday, October 2nd.

Have a great weekend!