4th Grade Weekly Update Week of September 30th

Science: This week, students will apply the knowledge they have gained about microscopes and magnification within our first performance assessment. In this performance assessment, there has been a mix up in the lab! Dr. Dover, a veterinarian, has mixed up her specimens and needs help to figure out which specimen is a blood sample! Students will examine three different specimens under the microscope and record their observations. They will compare these observations to the description of the microscopic appearance of blood and explain to Dr. Dover which specimen they believe is the blood sample she is looking for! After our performance assessment, we will begin our new CELL, Chemistry, Matter, and Interactions.

ELA: We will finish out our novel study, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, this week. We will then begin our summary writing of the book. After every chapter, students have been creating a note card with the main idea, a detail, and a favorite part. We will use the index cards, and some brainstorming, to map out our summary. Once we’ve brainstormed and formulated some topic and closing sentences, we’ll use our classroom laptops to start writing our first drafts of our summaries! We will then print our rough draft and make edits before creating the final product. This writing assignment will go into the following week as well. Our spelling test for list five will be on Monday, October 30th. These words were emailed and passed out at conferences. Your child has a list on the back of their agenda to prepare. In grammar this week, we will continue our study of nouns and look at silent consonants in our word study program.

History: We will finish our last lesson about Mountains on Monday and review for the Mountains Test on Thursday. Students will prepare by completing a study guide that we will review in class before the test. After we take the test, we will begin research for our Mountain Pamphlet. Students will research a specific mountain or mountain range and make a brochure displaying the facts they’ve learned. The will complete the computer part in their technology class over the next couple of weeks using Microsoft Publisher. Our Daily Geography this week covers map grids and uses a map of Louisiana to practice finding information on the grid map using coordinates.

Math: Early in the week, we will complete a cumulative review that touches on the lessons we’ve studied in Chapter Two before moving on to lessons in Chapter Three. We will review front-end estimation, adding larger numbers, and practice regrouping twice.

Other: The Fall Book Fair will arrive Friday October 4th and will be open for shopping Mon October 7th-Thurs October 10. We will stay open until 6:30pm on Thurs for those that would like to shop late! We will preview the Book Fair on October 7th.

Parents of students of all grade levels are welcomed to learn more about Middle School at Wood Acres on Wednesday, October 9th at 6:30 pm in the Beaker, Jr. See examples of the advanced curriculum, elective choices, leadership opportunities, off campus field trips and more! Email admin@woodacresschool.org to register for the session.

Week At a Glance:
Monday-Spelling Test and last day to turn in picture form
Thursday- Mountains Test