5th Grade Weekly Update for Week of September 30th

Math: This week, we are jumping into division! Students will learn how to use the division facts and patterns with zero to divide by multiples of 10, 100, and 1000. We will learn the rules of divisibility and learn how to apply them to help us ask if our answers make sense when finding larger quotients. The divisibility rules also help students tremendously later in the year when simplifying fractions. Therefore, students will be expected to memorize the rules. We will also learn how to use compatible numbers to estimate quotients.

ELA: We finished our novel study, Tuck Everlasting! That means our “All Tuckered Out” celebration is around the corner! On October 9th, we will get in our pjs, enjoy fresh popcorn, and watch the movie version of Tuck Everlasting! Woo hoo! This week, students will learn the difference between a protagonist and antagonist. We will discuss how the protagonist of our novel, Winnie Foster, changes throughout the book. Then, we will prepare for our novel test on Monday, October 7th. Students will complete a study guide to prepare for the test.

On Wednesday, we will have a grammar quiz that will cover what we have learned thus far with diagramming sentences. Students will be expected to diagram simple and compound subjects and predicates, as well as direct and indirect objects. We will also have our Tuck Ch 24-Epilogue vocabulary test on Wednesday.

Science: I love hearing the excitement in voices as the children have been sharing with me their plans for the cell model project! I can’t wait to see them soon on October 14th! On Friday, students were given class time to complete the Investigation Four flashcards. If they did not finish, they had to finish over the weekend and turn them in on Monday. As we are quickly approaching the end of our Cell, students should study these flashcards daily for 10-15 minutes.

History: Some students still need to finish their Daniel Boone booklets from last week and will need to turn those in on Monday. This week, we will discuss the five different types of transportation and how they changed westward expansion: the stagecoach, turnpike, steamboat, canals, and railroads.On Thursday, students will have a quiz covering the first five lessons we’ve covered thus far. We will also pick up Daily Geography again this week by studying grid maps. We will use a map of Australia to practice using coordinates to find specific locations on the map.

Other: Our class picture will be taken on Thursday, October 3rd! If you would like to purchase a class or individual pictures, please turn in the form and money to the front office by Monday, September 30th.
Also, mark your calendars to join us for the All About WA Upper School Meeting on October 8th! You won’t want to miss this opportunity to find out more about 6th grade and beyond!

Week at a Glance:
Monday- Turn in picture money
Wednesday- Tuck Ch 24-Epilogue Vocab Test; Diagramming Sentence Quiz
Thursday- Lesson 1-5 History Quiz; Picture Day; Spanish Unit Test
Friday- If you want feedback on booktalk script, must bring in by Friday.

Mark Calendars for Upcoming Dates:
-October 7th- Tuck Everlasting Novel Test
-October 8th- All About WA Upper School Meeting
-October 9th- “All Tuckered Out” Celebration
-October 11th- Booktalk Videos Due
-October 14th- Cell Model Project Due