Sept. 27, 2019 Newsletter

Kudos to the parents that met with me for conferences. I hope you found it informative. I am looking forward to meeting with the rest of you who took some time to get away on a little vacation.

Since we had a small class of children this week, we reviewed shapes. The children learned to play, “Color and Shape Bingo.” How quickly they learned the game! See picture below. The children also water painted a chameleon after hearing the story, “A Color of His Own.” Also see photo. The story told of a chameleon that did not want to change, but just wanted to remain one color until he met a friend.

It will be a fun and fantastic week ahead with farm week! We will learn about the farmer, animals, milk a “cow” and make butter. We will dress as farmers on Friday, so don your jeans, straw hats or caps. There is an awesome puppet show on Friday and class/individual pictures on Thursday! Can’t wait!

Thank you to Eva’s big sister, Claire, and big brother, Liam, for reading as our Mystery Readers yesterday! Both did a terrific job!

Have a superb weekend,
Mrs. Roussarie and Mrs. Alger

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