Reminders!! Please pencil in these dates, for the upcoming weeks!

Wednesday, October 2nd
Please have your child dress as a “farmer” for upcoming Farm Unit!

Wednesday, October 2nd “Why WA for Kindergarten”!?
WA Beaker Jr.
Extended Treehouse available. Pizza dinner for children attending extended time. Please call office to schedule.

Thursday, October 3rd
Class/Individual Pictures
If you have not already, please send in the yellow form marked with your preference. If you choose a package, please be sure to attach a check for the amount made payable to Trulove Photography.
If you do not choose to purchase a picture, please note that everyone will be in the class picture, unless we have been otherwise advised.

Friday, October 4th
Spirit Wear Day!!! We will all enjoy the first of this new school year!! Please have your child wear 50th anniversary T-shirt or something you have otherwise purchased!! Let’s all show school spirit!

Monday, October 7th- Friday, October 10th
Annual WA Book Fair
Please see hardcopy flyer for details!

Wednesday, October 16th
Monthly Technology Class rotation.

As always, thank you for your support.

LIesel West and Marian Phillips