Last week, we met Doc, our new Superkid. We listened to her song about how she fixes broken toys and invents new things. We are practicing listening for the sound of ”D” at the beginning and at the end of words such as doll and salad. Hope you are all practicing the Word List at home. In class, we are reading the words as well and making sentences with it. THE WORD LIST TEST is on Friday, October 4th.
Chapter 3 is going great. In this chapter, we are learning about directions and positions in space. We are learning words such as over, under, left and right to describe these positions and directions. These words will help us with other math activities. The Chapter Test is on Tuesday, October 8th.
For extra practice you can go on-line at
To end our Apple Unit, we had an Apple Toothpick Tower Challenge. It turned out
to be soooo much fun! The children loved working as a team.
Next week, we will start a Fall Unit. We’ll talk about trees, leaves, spiders, bats and more.