123’s Numbers it will be

Wonderful Wood Acres families,

This week our theme of “farm animals” was purrr-fect! The children had a fantastic time learning about all of the different animals that live on a farm. Through songs, books, interactive games, and activities the children had a grand ole time down on the farm!

Our study of numbers is on the way. This week, we will introduce numbers one and two. The children will begin to create the first two pages for their number book (1 sun, 2 shoes.) We will introduce the white board as a way to help improve pencil grip as they begin writing the number one and two. Your support at home is crucial to our success in the classroom. Please be sure to take a few minutes at home each night to review the numbers we have already learned. You could do this by counting objects in the grocery store, while driving down the road, and even turn it into an “I Spy” game. Number recognition is extremely important at this stage in their development and as a foundation for their transition into the four year old classroom next year.

This week in Investigator Club, we are still getting to know all about JT gator, who is the little brother to Dilly. The children are excited to explore JT and his friends. This week, we will focus not the following subjects:

Social and Emotional: Tell how you feel.

The objective is to understand that communication is a way of expressing our emotions.

Oral Language: Did you ever see a gator?

The objective is to listen and understand conversations, stories, songs, finger plays, and poems.

Phonological Awareness: Environmental sounds.

The objective is to recognize and identify environmental sounds.

Friendly Reminders;

Fun Friday is inside out day. Wear your clothes to school inside out to school.

We would like to welcome Mrs. Hillery as our mystery reader this week. We are looking forward to having her a part of our fun Friday and listening to some of Caden’s favorite book.

October 7th – 11th- Fall book fair in the Few Cottage.

October 16th – WA dinner night at Chili’s.

October 17th – Newcomers coffee under the Porto at the administration office. Come and mingle with the news families of Wood Acres.

October 31st – Halloween party at 10:30. Room moms and volunteers please collaborate with one another to fill the morning with either a game and snack or a project and snack. If you need any help with ideas, come see me and I would be more then happy to help you out.

October Birthday’s
We would like to wish Crews, Feras, Jasper and
Ms. Orsano a Happy Birthday. May your day be filled with lots of wishes that come true!

Thank you all for helping with makes Wood Acres the best school around!

Have a safe and healthy week

Ms. Orsano & Mrs. Thomas