October 4 2019

Happy Friday once again!

We continued this week with our new story in our Happily Ever After program, The Three Bears. With this unit, we learned the difference between big, medium and little, finding and identifying the color blue (including reading the word) and distinguishing the words under, over, above, next to and diagonal.

Our letter this week was G and boy did they do Great! We made ghosts, gumball machines and the Gruffalo. Next week, we will move to a new story, La Tortuga, and start our new letter, which will be the letter T (please keep this a secret, as we do an unveiling every Monday on our new letter of the week).

You should have seen a math booklet come home this week as we are working through our first unit in Math. The kids have done a great job identifying numbers, counting and even trying their hand at writing them.

We pulled out playdoh and kinetic sand this week and the children absolutely loved it! Little did they know, we were working their fine motor skills making those fingers stronger to help with things like cutting, color, pinching and picking up things.

We also had a special treat this Friday with a puppet show “The Big, Bad, little Red Show”, put on by That Puppet Guy. The kids loved sitting down and watching the show. Afterwards, they got to see how all the puppets worked. It was such a wonderful time.

Unfortunately, because of the puppet show, we were unable to make it to science this week. We have sent home the experiment “Gooey Gunk” for you to try at home if you would like!

Thank you all so much for meeting with me a few weeks ago at conferences. I loved getting to see you all and talk a little bit about your children.

Please be on a lookout for an email next week involving what you and your family celebrate during the upcoming holiday season! We love to be inclusive and love to learn about new traditions and culture!
As always I hope you all have a great weekend! Fingers crossed that the cooler weather is here to stay!

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