Oct.5, 2019 Newsletter

“Old McDonald had a Farm” and other farm songs could be heard coming from our classroom this past week. What a blast the children had acting as farm animals and farmers! I hope you enjoyed the photo of your little one milking our “cow”!! Everyone looked so very cute dressed in their jeans, overalls and hats. One day we pretended to be sheep and sang a song, “Five Little Fluffy Sheep.” Each child participated in our mini musical. I predict some future Hollywood actors and actresses! We learned there are many types of farmers and crops. Vegetables and grains that are good for us to eat. Our pumpkin week will explain a little further how vegetables grow.

The class learned about ordering farm animals from smallest to largest in the barn. They did an excellent job with little supervision!

Next week, we begin numbers and will start with numbers 1&2. Each child will make a counting book that will be bound. It will be a book they can be proud of for years to come! Now don’t expect this book soon because it will take almost 9 weeks to publish it. Another exciting activity we will begin is the “Number Jar” which will go home with the snack child everyday. A letter will be sent on Monday explaining the jar. Children love to “Show ‘N Tell” and this is a fun way of achieving this. The class will learn how to ask questions of the snack child about the object(s) in the jar. This increases thinking, vocabulary, and verbal skills!! Wow!!

Yesterday was a super exciting day….we attended a puppet show!!! “The Big Bad Little Red Pig Show,” was hilariously funny!! As you can see from the children’s faces how mesmerized they were watching the program between laughs. After the show, the puppeteer took time to show the children what it looked like behind the curtain and how he worked the puppets and sound effects. I hope That Puppet Guy will return in the Spring with a new program.

Starting Monday, The Fall Book Fair will be open for business in the Few Cottage. Proceeds benefit our own WA library.

I want to take a moment to say thanks, parents, for sending nutritious snacks to school everyday. I appreciate the extra time and money it takes to provide a healthy snack for our class.

Another thank you goes to our Mystery Reader. Gal’s mom, Inga Raz, or better known as Pinkalicious, brought pink cupcakes for our class. The children loved the costume!!

Happy Birthday to Krish who turns 4 on Monday!!

Enjoy the photos below of our exciting week and have a great week ahead.

Mrs. Roussarie and Mrs. Alger

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