Fall is HERE!

Hello Everybody,

Fall is definitely here and boy, does it feel good. I hope you were able to be outside and enjoy the comfortable temperatures as well as the cool evenings. I love this time of year because of the outdoor activities, beautiful colors, fun decorations, and yummy treats. Yeah, it’s fall y’all!

Academically, we are moving along quite nicely in reading, language arts, and writing. We completed another story that covered concepts such as plural nouns, consonant blends, and finding facts in an informative story. Also in math, we are using our own number sense to understand place value, ordinal numbers, and comparing numbers. Please check your student’s Monday folder to see how well your student understands all of these concepts. Thank you.

In Science, we are nearing the end of our first cell on Weight and Volume. I am excited that our Beaker Buddies will join us next week as we continue to work on Investigation 5 and find the weight and volume of liquids instead of solids. Soon, your student will be bringing home with SDR-Student Data Record book and review the five investigations on weight and volume. The dates for the quiz and test are unknown right now, but I will let you know very soon.

Tomorrow, Mrs. Littleton and I will go over the next book report which is a Flip-Book that will be on a realistic fiction story. Good news, MOST of the sloppy copies will be completed in class with me. Your student will select a book from my shelves to read and complete this book report. Once the book is read in school and at home, we will work on every page of the flip-book in class using their writing journal. Oh yes, the silent reading done in class will count towards their minutes for their Reading Log. There will be more information coming home soon. Let the reading begin!

Speaking of reading, the fall Book Fair will be open every day this week after school. I love this book fair because there will be a plethora of books for your 2nd grader to choose from. Tomorrow afternoon, we will visit the book fair and fill out a wish list for the books that are perfect for them to read this year. We hope you will make some time to stop and shop at the best book fair ever.

If you haven’t seen the current East Cobber yet, Wood Acres is ON the cover! The article about our great school and curriculum is well written and quite true. If you need a copy, please see Marcy in the front office, and she will be happy to give you your very own copy. Spread the word to your friends and neighbors about our super school, so they can come and see how fabulous we really are. Thank you!

Take care and Go Braves!!!

Cheryl Leagan
2nd grade teacher
The Wood Acres School