Hooray, Fall is finally here! Today we had a wonderful time outside collecting leaves, looking for changes in nature and doing some tree rubbing. We all enjoyed the cooler weather as well!
This week, we started our Native American Unit. This unit will take us to almost the end of November. We will learn about the Native Americans who lived in North America a hundred years ago. This week we are starting with the Abenakis, the Eastern Woodland Indians. The Abenakis didn’t live in tepees. They lived in small birch bark buildings called wigwams or lodges. They were fantastic hunters and fishermen. They used the meat for food, leather for clothing and bones for tools. We heard a story about a boy called Throws Straight and his sister Laughing Brook. Tomorrow, they will show us how to collect porcupine quills to make beautiful jewelry. We will even get to act out that part of the story in our classroom! It will be fun!