The children love our Superkid Sal. In this unit, we are practicing listening for the sound of s at the beginning and end of words. The children are blending the sounds of letters in order to read words. Handwriting is keeping us busy as always. Practice makes it perfect.
In honor of our new Superkid Sal, on Friday we will have “Sports Day.” Please have your little one wear anything sporty. It can be a sport t-shirt, a jersey, uniform… and let our Friday be a fabulous one!
The Word List Test is on Tuesday, October 25th.
Today, we started Chapter 4. In this chapter we are learning how to make groups of objects that demonstrated the concepts: as many as, more, or fewer. We also will practice writing numbers 0 to 10. Finally, we’ll learn about number lines and patterns. For extra practice, you can go on-line at
The Chapter Test will be in November.