4th Grade Weekly Update Week of October 14th

Math: Last week, we needed some extra practice with the subtracting with zeros, so the problem solving lessons for Chapter 3 will be taught this week instead. We will practice skills from both chapter 2 and 3 over the week. Cumulative practice always seems to be more challenging!

ELA: We finished conferencing for our introductory paragraphs last week, and we will continue to work on our summaries this week, hopefully finishing by the end of the week. On Tuesday, we will review for our Tales of a Fifth Grade Nothing novel test on Wednesday. In grammar, we will use Quill.org to practice nouns and types of sentences.

History: On Monday, students will take their colonies map and spelling test. They should label the map with the correct colony and spell it correctly! We’ve been using https://online.seterra.com/en/pdf/4044 to practice in class. Each student also has a copy of the map in their history section of their binder. This will be the last spelling and history test grade of the quarter! We will continue our study of the colonies before the Revolutionary War by studying events leading up to the war, including rights of the Englishmen and the French and Indian War. Daily Geography this week will take our grid maps up a step by adding lines of latitude and longitude. We’ll practice finding locations on a map of South America using coordinates.

Science: In our current unit, students are learning the difference between qualitative and quantitative properties of matter. We introduced a new scientific tool, the triple beam balance. Students are learning how to use the triple beam balance to measure the mass of a substance. This week, students will design their own experiment to determine if changing the sample size will affect the mass. Then, we will discover what happens when we combine matter!

Spanish: Students will take their first formal unit exam from Hola Mundo Tuesday, October 15th. In order to prepare they should review their study guide….salutation, greetings, age, occupation, likes and dislikes, school and sports!

Week at a Glance:
Monday: Colonies/Map Test including correct spelling of the 13 colonies!
Tuesday: Spanish Test
Wednesday: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Novel Test