October 12, 2019 Newsletter

The children began making their own counting book this week by creating, “One Sun,” and “Two Shoes.” I guess you noticed by now it will be a rhyming book as well. The counting book is a book they will reach for many times because it is a book they made! How special is that?

In the Investigator Clubhouse, the children interacted with a Number Board………..they identified numbers 1 & 2 and counted sets of one and two on the flapboard. They heard the stories, “One Sun,” and “Shoes Shoes, Shoes,” to reinforce these numbers. We discussed and named many things that come in pairs. Speaking of numbers, the class had fun with the Number Jar. To encourage verbal skills, the snack kid brings a number of objects in the jar from home and does “Show ‘N Tell.” The children are learning to ask the snack child questions about the objects. I can just see how those thinking and verbal skills are working!!

The class loved learning about scarecrows! We took shapes and made a scarecrow out of them to decorate our classroom. We heard stories like, “The Little Scarecrow Boy,” and the class made the sound effects to, “The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything.” I highly recommend checking out these two books from the library. Each child made the cutest plaque to show off their own scarecrow, coming soon to decorate your home. Ask your child to sing and act out the song, ” I’m a Little Scarecrow”…..it’s hilarious! It goes to the tune of, “I’m a Little Teapot.”

“I’m a little scarecrow
stuffed with hay.
Here I stand in the field all day.
When I see the crows,
I like to shout,
“Hey you crows,
you better watch out!”

Happy Birthday to Pierce who turns 4 on Wednesday.
Thank you to our M.R., Liz Clark, who read on Friday and thank you to Mrs. Alger, who is always quick to capture the children in action!!

Next week, it’s on to numbers 3 & 4 and Fall, who finally made it’s entrance!

Have a Nice Week Ahead,
Mrs. Roussarie and Mrs. Alger

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