Weekly Update October 14, 2019

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all have been enjoying this gorgeous cool weather!! I am so happy to have it finally feel like fall!

Important Notes:
-Report Cards will be sent home Tuesday, October 22nd. Please be sure to sign them and send them back in their original envelope as soon as you can.
– Our October Party is Thursday, October 31st. It will be from 2:15-3 PM. Students are allowed to bring in their costumes. We will change into them before the start of our party so they do not get ruined throughout the course of the day or during recess.
-Book Reports are due Tuesday, November 5th. I will continue to work with the class on helping them summarize and identify main characters next week. Please be working on these at home as well.

This Week:

Reading: We will be reading Super Storms, which is an informational text. Our essential question for the week will be ‘how can some storms be dangerous?’
Reading Skills and Strategies: Our target skill this week will focus on main ideas and details, as well as cause and effect. We will be working on telling important ideas and details about a topic. Our target strategy will be to visualize, or picture what is happening as you read.
Grammar: In grammar this week we will work on verbs.
Phonics: We will be working on consonant digraphs th, sh, wh, ch, tch, ph and base words and endings -s, -es, -ing (without spelling changes)

Vocabulary Strategies: We will begin working on compound words

Math: We are finishing up Chapter 2 this week. We will be having a Check Progress on Wednesday, and a Chapter Test Thursday.

History: We finished our My States last week. The class was so creative and I really love their finished product. We also finished identifying the provinces and territories in Canada, as well as coloring the Canadian Flag. We are moving on to Mexico and Central America this week.

Science: We started our first unit this week exploring the properties of rocks. Students will be learning that rocks are made from minerals, rocks can appear different from one another and that rocks are an important part of the Earth’s surface.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions!

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