4th Grade Weekly Update Week of October 21st

ELA: Spelling lists were passed out on Friday. These words come from history vocabulary, science vocabulary, and vocabulary they will come across in our new reading unit. We are finishing typing our final copies of our summaries on Monday before starting our next reading unit. We’re going to take a break from our writing and novel studies to read a Reader’s Theater entitled “Battle of the Brains”. Research states that Reader’s Theaters help develop reading fluency, increase comprehension skills, integrate reading, writing, speaking, listening in an authentic context, engage students in a meaningful reading community, and create confidence and improve self-image. How great is that?? We’ll read through the play multiple times to gain that confidence that we’re seeking, and practice our fact and opinion skills by looking at some facts and opinions that are found throughout the play. Everyone will get a part! We will also practice using vocabulary terms in context from the play and test on them on Friday after the spelling test. In grammar this week, we’ll finish our study of nouns and begin studying pronouns. Students enjoyed using Quill.org and we’ll continue to use it to practice concepts we’ve covered in class.

Math: Our Chapter 2 and 3 Test will take place on Monday. An email was sent home yesterday with a cumulative review of the skills covered in both chapters. Students can use the Power Point, resources in their notebook, and their math textbook and workbook to help prepare. We will then start our next chapter; multiplication! In the beginning, we’ll study multiplication properties and modeling multiplication. Practice those multiplication facts! We’ll start minute time tests the following week!

History: We’ll finish up our French and Indian War cause and effect skills practice by watching a video that leads into the backlash from the war that created tension in Britain. We’ll learn what Parliament does next and then the Boston Massacre.

Science: This week, students will discover how solids and liquids interact with other solids and liquids. Students will learn the difference between solutes and solvents and their roles in solutions. We will also introduce the concepts of solubility and miscibility and demonstrate the difference between the two concepts. After we finish Investigation Three, we will have a unit test. Last week, students completed a summary worksheet for Investigation Two. I will grade it and send it home with them this week, so they can begin reviewing!

Week at a Glance:
Monday: Chapter 2 and 3 Math Test
Friday: Spelling and Vocabulary Test