Batty for Bats!

Dear Parents,

Another lovely October week has been completed in Kindergarten!

In the past two weeks, we finished our lessons with Sal and were greeted by another Superkid, Lily! Lily Ping loves lullabies and her stuffed animal lions Lass and Lad. She also teaches important lessons on feelings of being left out and making new friends! This unit will have your child focusing on the letter L and it’s sound, as well as learning how to write the letter.

Science had us learning about bats! We learned that bats have a special sense called echolocation. This is the name for the short sounds that bats make when they fly. It helps them so they won’t bump into things, how cool is that! Bats are also helpful to farmers by eating bugs! We sure are batty for bats!

Social studies has been keeping us thinking lately and the class is all ears when the lessons start. We previously learned about the Abenaki tribe and this week we introduced the Anasazi tribe. We learned that the Anasazi tribe built houses that might be called the world’s first apartment buildings, how interesting! They made their homes out of stone and wet clay. Since they did not have heaters, they depended on the sun to shine on their walls and warm up their houses. The Anasazi tribe would also hold special ceremonies where they would sing, dance and pray around a fire in their kiva or tee-pee!

In Math we started off the week by learning how to make equal sets. In order to do that you need to either cross our or draw more. Then we focused on learning the numbers 0-3 for the rest of the week! I can confidently say the class did very well with this! So proud of them!

We had a great Fabulous Fun Friday this week celebrating Luke’s 6th Birthday! Thank you so much for the tasty cookie cake and sharing your cute brother Liam with us! Happy Birthday Luke! We also had a special guest from my class last year come in and read to us as a mystery reader! The kids were all ears and were so impressed that she no longer had to use her finger to read! It was great for them to see what they will be like next year! Keep up the reading!!

We’ve had another VIP for the week! Aiden was our VIP this week! He loves pasta, his favorite place is Costa Rica, and his favorite animal is a snake!! Thank you for sharing so many fun details about who you are! We loved your poster!!

Don’t forget, the Word of the Week is: Bats!With love,
Ms. Porto and Ms. Kathie