Love for Learning at the Wood

What a “cool” week we had here at the Woods. We hope you were able to enjoy this fall weather at some point. Whether it was going for a walk or just opening up your windows to enjoy the breeze. We know your littles ones did. The highlight of our week was exploring our beautiful campus as we walked throughout the school learning about nature. We found acorns, pine cones, leaves, and more! We also discovered a quiet place where we sat and listened to the nature around us. We also read “There Was An Old Lady Who Sallowed Some Leaves”. We also meet our 7th grade book buddies as they joined us for lunch on Wednesday. It was so adorable to see your little ones interacting with them as we all got the chance to know one another!

As we jump into another great week, our theme is pumpkins and number 5. The children will be working on their creativity by creating a pumpkin seed book by using seeds from a pumpkin, make pumpkin bracelets by using pony beads and the life cycle of a pumpkin project. We will also explore the inside of a pumpkin and discuss what we see in the inside of it and how it feels. Some of the stories we will read are “Five Little Pumpkins” and “Charlie Browns Pumpkin Patch”.

For the number unit, your little ones will continue to work on their number book. This week our focus is the number five (5 hives). We will complete the number book up to 10. Once completed, they will be sent home to continue to review these numbers. How cute these books are turning out to be! One, Two, Three! Numbers are a part of me!

This week in Investigator Club, we will meet Auntie Lou, who is a great artist. Our studies are as followed:

Physical Awareness: Listen for Words.
Objective is to describe and identify words in spoken language.

Art: Feel the texture.
Objective is to identify texture.

Math: Magnet board 5.
Objective is to use one – to – one correspondence in counting objects.


Fun Friday: Movie day.

We would like to welcome Mrs. Green as our mystery reader. We are looking forward to listening to some of Bailey’s favorite books.

October 31st at 10:30. We are only asking our room mom and sign up helpers attend to attend to help your little ones enjoy this spooky day. We will prowl around our campus in our most creative costumes and trick-or-treat amongst one another. Mrs.Thomas and I are asking if possible to bring in one PEANUT FREE bag of candy for your child to exchange with one another. It also doesn’t have to be candy. You can do stickers, tattoos, or rubber Halloween bracelets. These are just some ideas. No worries if you can’t! We always have tricks up our sleeves! BOOOoooo!

Early release: November 22nd at 12:45, during carline. If you are unable able to pick up your child, please make other arrangements for your child to be picked up at this time. Thank you

Thanksgiving break is November 25th – November 29th

We hope you all have a safe and healthy week!

Ms. Orsano & Mrs. Thomas