October 20, 2019, Newsletter

This week, I feel like Fall is finally upon us with cool mornings and if you look closely, you can see the leaves on top of our campus trees turning colors. Because we have cool mornings, the children are wearing their jackets to school. PLEASE LABEL ALL OUTERWEAR with your child’s name. I cannot tell you how many jackets are lost because children leave jackets on the playground, in Specials or in Tree House! Thanks so much!

We had fun this week with Number 3! First, the class heard the flannel board story of “The Three Little Pigs,” and then we created that adorable craft of the three houses with puppets so your child can reenact the story with a puppet show. We acted out the story by singing the song from Jack Hartman. The kids loved it so much, we played it twice. Ask your child to tell the story to you. They also heard the flannel board story of “The 3 Silly Wishes,” about a woodcutter who is granted 3 wishes and inadvertently wishes for the wrong things. It is a hilarious tale! Another story told on the flannel board was, “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” From this story, we learned to place things in small, medium and large sizes.

To reinforce Number 4, the children were introduced to the four seasons. Your child’s project showed a tree covered with a different color depending on the season.

In Investigator Club, the boys and girls again interacted with the number board. They take turns placing 4 stars on the board, putting 4 sticks in a pocket, drawing 4 circles, drawing a line from dot 1 to dot 4 and holding up 4 fingers. They also find and count 4 objects in a set on a flap board and find the numeral 4 among other numerals. We do these activities for each number up to 10.

On Friday, the class finally got to meet our Book Buddies, the 7th graders! We had lunch together at the picnic tables (see photo) and then the big kids read books to them in our classroom. I taught two of the 7th graders when they were three and it just seemed like yesterday…Claire Dunn