2nd grading period is here!

Hello Everybody,

I hope your weekend was warm and dry. My entire weekend was spent indoors working on projects for my family and students. I did enjoy our first fire in our fireplace as I watched the Bulldogs win against the Kentucky Wildcats. Go Dawgs!

Some important information to know:

-Report Cards will be going home Tuesday, October 22nd. There will be a black and white copy for you to keep. Please sign and return your child’s report card, along with their envelope as soon as possible.

– Our October Party is Thursday, October 31th. It will be from 2:15-3 PM. Students are allowed to bring in their costumes. We will change into them before the start of our party so they do not get ruined throughout the course of the day.

-Book Reports are due Tuesday, November 5th. Please let me know if you have any questions! PLEASE make sure your student’s realistic fiction book is at school, so we can begin working on the flip-book pages in school. We will as much of this book report in school, but there may be some work coming home if time runs out.

This Week:

Science: Today, we reviewed the study guide and SDR for the first science test on Wednesday, October 23. Please continue to review and study with your student so they are fully prepared for this upcoming assessment.

Reading: We will be reading How Chipmunk Got His Stripes, a folktale, with our essential question being how can stories help you learn lessons in and out of school.
Reading Skills and Strategies: Our target skill this week will focus on understanding characters and author’s word choice. Our target strategy is to summarize.
Grammar: In grammar this week we will work on verbs in the present.
Phonics: We will be working on base words and endings –ed, -ing, and CV syllable patterns.

Vocabulary Strategies: We will begin working on synonyms.

Math: Tomorrow, there will be a Chapter 2 math test. Keep up the good work with practicing those facts! The hard work is truly paying off because I am noticing more problems being solved correctly when we take our Mad Minute practice tests.

History: We are wrapping up with our final continent this week: South America. We will be talking about the Amazon Rainforest and its importance, as well as the Amazon River. We will also be learning about the Southern Cone this week. Stay tuned for upcoming quiz and test for our unit!

Vocabulary Workshop: Today, we started a new piece in the 2nd grade curriculum. Every week, your student will be learning 10 new vocabulary words and will complete several lessons to practice these new words. These words are not related to the reading curriculum, so there will be separate assessments that will cover two units. Your student brought home their book today to show you this part of your student’s daily learning. Please make sure vocabulary book is in their backpack because it will be needed for their morning work. Thank you.

I believe that’s all for now. I really appreciate that you take the time to read my lengthy emails. I want to keep you informed as much as possible so there are no surprises for you and me.

Take care and I look forward to seeing your student in the morning.

Cheryl Leagan
2nd grade teacher
The Wood Acres School