This morning, the children met Icky, our new Superkid! In this unit, we will learn about the letter I. We listened to Icky sing a song about all of the things he learns from watching TV. In the next few days, we will also listen for the sound of i at the beginning and in the middle of words. Now that they have been introduced to the letter i, children will be able to read and write words such as dig, ill, is, lid, and slid. In addition, children are learning to read the Memory Word a. A Memory Word is a word children have to remember how to read, instead of blending the sounds for each letter. This unit features a class discussion about using TV time wisely.
Remember to have your little one practice their words every night.
Chapter 4 has been fun! The children have been doing a fantastic job with their numbers. Working with ordinal numbers has been very tricky but we are doing many games and I am confident we will get it! We’ll just have to remember to look for details like directions… For extra practice you can go on-line at
Learning how to form our numbers has been keeping busy as well.
The Chapter Test is on Thursday, Nov. 7th.
The children all love learning about the different Native American tribes. This week we were introduced to the Anasazi tribe . These Native Americans lived in a place called Chaco Canyon in the Southwest and build houses out of stones covered in clay. Some of those houses were five floors high, not very high for today but in those days, long ago, it was unusual. They were the world’s first apartment building. The Anasazis made beautiful jewelry from a stone called turquoise that they found in the ground. They used the yucca plant to make soap and they used the strong leaves to make woven shoes. We will also talk about the trade fair they use to hold in Chaco Canyon and Kokopelli, their Rain God. We will stay with the Anasazis until the end of next week.