4th Grade Weekly Update Week of October 28th

ELA: Students received their new spelling list on Friday and should be prepared for their next spelling test that following Monday, November 4th, so we don’t have to test the day after Halloween! The spelling list includes terms from our history lessons and math vocabulary. This week will be all about creative writing and incorporating a specific grammar skill into each writing piece. All of our creative writing will be Halloween themed for the week! We’ll incorporate proper use of commas, hyperbole, quotations, and apostrophes in our writing after grammar mini-lessons. On Friday, students will get a chance to share one of their creative writing pieces with the class.

Math: We will begin our timed math tests this week. The test will be 3 minutes long with 50 problems on the page. A range of facts will be tested on each day, starting with zero to three, and moving on as the days progress. I’ve listed some math flash card apps that are helpful at the bottom of this blog post. The focus of the week will be multiplication: multiplying with one digit numbers and multiplication with regrouping. We’ll do a fun Halloween review on Thursday.

History: We will continue our unit on the American Revolution; focusing on the Boston Tea Party and colonists’ response to pressure from the King and Parliament. We’ll identify Sam Adams and explain his role in forming the Committees of Correspondence, discuss the Intolerable Acts, and learn all about the First Continental Congress. In Daily Geography, students will be introduced to a Robinson Projection Map. We’ll discuss how the only kind of map that can show the Earth accurately is a globe, but cartographers have developed some projections to help. We’ll also continue to practice finding coordinates using latitude and longitude using this type of map.

Science: We concluded Investigation 3 of Chemistry, Matter and Interactions Cell. The test will be on Monday, October 28th. Students were given a study guide that outlines the information they will need to know for the test. The Investigation One, Two, and Three summary worksheets were given back to students or sent home in Friday Folders to help prepare. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Multiplication Apps for Apple Devices:
-Big Math Flash Cards
-Times Tables- Flash Quiz
-Multiplication Flash Cards!
-Quick Math-Mental Arithmetic
-Times Tables Quiz!
-My Math Flash Cards App

To practice tougher Multiplication skills, I also like MathEdge Multiplication 2019

Week at a Glance:
Monday: Chemistry, Matter and Interactions Cell Test
Thursday: Halloween! No homework!