Ickyity Click

Dear Parents!

On Thursday, we didn’t skip a beat and met another awesome Superkid, Icky! Icky is short for Ichabod and he loves to watch tv to learn all sorts of interesting things. Icky focuses on the short I sound, like in the words interesting, India, inchworm, and igloo!

Math this week had us finishing up the numbers 4 to 10. We also introduced the ordinal numbers first, second, third, fourth, and fifth. We did a bunch of practice with this while walking in line to our special classes! I love when learning takes place outside of the classroom!

In Social Studies we continued to discuss the Anasazi Tribe. I brought in some turquoise jewelry for the kids to pass around, and some turquoise rocks so they could see what they look like before they polished them. We also discussed how the Anasazi tribe used the Yucca plant for many things, but the coolest one had to be that they used the skin to make shoes! Then we made bowls, plates, forks, spoons, knives, and pots out of pay-doh to be like the Anasazi tribe. Since they made all of their dishes out of clay, we decided to try it out! It was really fun and a very eye opening experience.

During Science we learned about the parts of a spider like their eyes, legs, head, abdomen, feelers, and spinnerets! This was fun but also a bit scary! Did you know that spiders not only have 8 legs but also 8 eyes, and that they are both located on their head?! How crazy is that?! They also use their spinnerets to make their beautiful webs and this is located on their bottom. Spiders are so interesting! 

We had a really awesome Fabulous Fun Friday this week! Since we learned about spiders we watched Charlotte’s Web with Mrs. Siegleman’s class and got to eat lunch with them! We also got together with our book buddies for a fun skittle math packet! Boy our 6th grade book buddies are so smart!

We had another VIP this week! Ryan was our VIP this week! Ryan loves chips and salsa, wants to be Santa when he grows up and loves going to his Nana’s house! I hope you really do become Santa one day! Thank you for sharing so many fun details about who you are!

Our class Halloween party will be on October 31st. I will send out an email regarding information on what your child needs for the day next week.

Don’t forget, the Word of the Week is: HALLOWEEN!

With love,
Ms. Porto and Ms. Kathie