October 25 2019

Happy Friday all!

We started our week off by learning a new letter, F! The kids did a fantastic job coming up with words that started with “F”. This week we made fish and paper mache fox’s. We even explored our finger prints using magnifying glasses and ink pads for our science this week. The kids had such a blast. Next week, we move on to our eighth letter, E!
We also finished our third unit in our Happily Ever After program, La Tortuga. Please be on the lookout next week for the folder full of classwork on this unit to come home! We will be moving on to our new unit, The Elves and the Shoemaker starting on Monday. We will be in this unit for the next two weeks.
As I stated at Parent Night, each Happily Ever After unit we complete, we also focus on a color. So far, we have done red, blue and yellow. The kids are doing a really great job at reading these color words. Try to test them at home and see if they can recognize them. They love it when they are right and able to read the word!
We spent a lot of time this week working with our numbers. You should have received “My Number Book” on Thursday. We also did a lot of coloring by numbers this week and lots of practice forming our numbers. The kids are doing a really great job at mastering their numbers 1-10. After winter break is when we will be focusing our time on numbers 10-20. Next week, we will continue with working with numbers and will even start our counting by 100’s with a fun song.
I can’t believe that we will be in our final week of October starting on Sunday! Our Halloween Party will be held on Thursday, October 31. Kids are more than welcome to wear their costumes. A flyer will be sent home today in their folder with specific guidelines on this. You will also receive another flyer asking for you to send in 16 pieces of candy, as we will be trick or treating in our classroom as well.
Before we know it, we will be getting ready for our Thanksgiving Feast! Our Feast is set for November 21 at 11:30. More details will be sent out once we get closer.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!
Mrs. Schneider and Ms. Hannah

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