October 26, 2019 Newsletter

What’s that sound coming from our classroom?? Why it’s children chanting, “5 Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate.” The class LOVED this chant! I always try to include the words so you can sing along with your young child too. To reinforce Number 5, we made a project by placing 5 pumpkins on a gate……so cute! Besides the five pumpkins, there are five monkeys too! Those five naughty monkeys teased Mr. Crocodile and they jumped on the bed. Ask your child to sing these classic favorites also.

We heard a few stories these past few days on how a pumpkin grows from a seed. We hope you like the fold-out display your child made showing this sequence. Learning to sequence a life cycle or a story is a very important goal in our Early School curriculum. It lets me know if your child comprehended what happened in the beginning, middle and end of the story. We will continue to do more sequencing this year.

Happy Diwali! Today, the class learned all about the Indian holiday of Diwali. Mira’s dad, Manu Chhabra, told the story of Diwali and brought clay lamps to show the children how they are lit with a wick and oil. He also brought in a sweet treat. Asha’s mom, Kati Buch, wore a beautiful native dress and explain what they do on the actual day of Diwali which is October 27 of this year. Anaya’s family brought in Indian treats for snack and Krish’s family sent in tea lights for each child so they can have their own little light! A HUGE THANK YOU to all who participated in the celebration! Many photos follow this newsletter.

Maybe you are wondering what we do in the Investigator’s Club. I call 4 or 5 children to sit in our clubhouse (which is our quiet backroom) and interact with a number board. Right now, we are learning number 5 so we place 5 stars on a chart, draw 5 circles, place 5 sticks in a pocket, count the dots on the dice and draw a line from dot 1 to dot 5. We also count objects on the flap boards.The photos below will explain a little more. The boys and girls love being Investigators like Dilly and her friends!

Thank you to Charles George, Eli’s dad, for taking the Mystery Reader’s seat today. The class loved the books.

Get those costumes ready for Thursday!!. A parade and party are planned for the morning…..How Exciting! Please refer to the letter that was sent home about the costumes.

Next week, we will review numbers 1-5 and make Halloween crafts.

Enjoy the photos especially the one of our little Jack-O-Lanterns!!!

Mrs. Roussarie and Mrs. Alger

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