Happy Halloween!

Hello and Happy Halloween!

Please forgive me for not sending out my weekly email earlier, but the minutes are just FLYING by and finding time to sit down to type is quite difficult this time of year. Yes, I haven’t sent home Monday folders because the days go by so quickly that this task simply slips my mind. Tomorrow, I promise that you WILL get your student’s Monday folder. I truly appreciate your patience as we continue to work and learn all day long.

Book Report update – Hopefully, you saw and read the information that came home today about the Realistic Fiction book report. Yesterday in class, your student has begun working on this November book report which is a Flip Book. We are tackling a page a day. With me, your student is working on the sloppy copy, so when the pages come home and that needs to be done is the clean copy. Tomorrow night, you should see the first few flaps of the book report to be completed at home. As we get into the “meat” of the flip-book, I am hopeful that one page a night will come home to complete and return the next day. There may be an extension given for the due date because more time will be needed to conference with each student on the plot, problem and solution, and characters. Thanks for your support and understanding as we work on each page of this flip-book book report.

In Science, we have completely finished our first cell on Weight and Volume. All of us are looking forward to starting our next cell on the Earth’s Surface next Monday. Look out for the parent letter that informs you of the skills and concepts that are taught throughout the entire cell. All of the 2nd graders are excited and so am I. On Halloween, we will meet with our Beaker Buddies to enjoy some tricks and treats. Look for a cute project that could be used as a Halloween decoration.

Halloween Party is Thursday, October 31 from 2:15-3:00 PM. Students are allowed to bring in their costumes. We will change into them before the start of our party so they do not get ruined throughout the course of the day. Thanks to those parents who are helping with supplies and being there for the party. You are truly awesome.

Sunday, November 3 from 2:00-4:00 is the Fall Open House. If you have time to stop by and see what’s coming up for your student next year, we would love to chat with you. The Open House in January is crowded and busy and hard to ask questions to the grade level teachers, so this is the perfect time for one-on-one conversations and casual tours of the classrooms. Hope to see you on Sunday.

Take care and thanks for your valuable time. Enjoy your Halloween with your cute and smart 2nd grade student.

Yours truly,
Cheryl Leagan
2nd grade teacher
The Wood Acres School