A Very Happy Kindergarten Halloween

Dear parents!

Even with the excitement of Halloween this week, this class didn’t skip a beat!

We’ve been “watching a bunch of television with our friend Icky or should I say listening to all of the fun make believe programs the Superkids have been creating! This has been helping us focus on the short sound of the letter I, which we have learned can come at the beginning of a word or in the middle! We have also been having spelling bee’s in class to work on spelling the words on our word list. Let’s not forget how we have been practicing making our own sentences with our word list words as well! 

In Science, we finished up our fall unit which focused on leaves, trees, bats, spiders, and of course pumpkins! We had so much fun as a class carving our pumpkin for our Halloween party and we even counted all of the seeds! We counted 586 seeds in our pumpkin, can you believe that?! We will send  home their completed packets next week in your child’s folder so be on the look-out! 

This week we finished up learning about the Anasazi tribe from Chaco Canyon. I  had the kids re-create animal pelts from paper bags and everyone worked diligently to add their own borders, and different symbols to create their story. If you have a chance to stop by the class, we have them hanging in the window, so be sure to take a peek. This week we also began discussing the Kwakiutl tribe who lived near the Pacific Ocean. We talked about the similarities and differences between the two tribes. Both tribes used canoes but the Kwakiutl’s canoes were more detailed than the other tribe.

In Math, we talked about the ordinal numbers sixth. seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth placements. Again we have been practicing in line and it works out perfectly since we have 10 children in our class!

Thank you so much to all the mom’s and dad’s who helped to create the best Halloween party ever! We crafted witches and bats, played ring tosses around a spiders legs, and of course made Halloween slime ooooohhhhh!!! Then we topped it all off with a yummy snack that consisted of melted chocolate for topping different kinds of fruits and of course rice crispy treats! We really did have a blast and it was all because of you! Thank you again!

We had another VIP this week, Lucas! He loves cats, wants to be an engineer when he grows up and wishes for nerf blasters! Thank you for sharing so many fun details about who you are!  

Don’t forget that Open House is this Sunday November 3rd from 2pm to 4pm! I hope to see all of you there visiting 1st grade!

Also, our Thanksgiving Feast will be held on Thursday, November 21 so please mark your calendars as everyone is invited!  Details are being worked out now and we will send out an email with all the special details soon. It’ll be the cutest day to spend with us feasting on turkey and singing songs!

The Word of the Week is: Ordinal numbers!

With love,Ms. Porto and Ms. Kathie