Weekly Update from Mrs. Pumphrey

Dear Parents,

As we enter the month of November, with our sights on Thanksgiving and the Winter Holiday, school seems at its busiest with learning and activities. I tell the children, one thing at a time, each thing to be enjoyed and savored. With tests, projects, and homework, please help your child with organization of dates and when things are due. We have a big calendar in our room, but it may be helpful to have a school calendar in some visible space like the kitchen, or mudroom, and help your child write down important dates.

Please read on for important information concerning our class.

Save the Date:
Nov. 21st: Third grade Thanksgiving feast (Students & Teachers only) Mrs. Piper, Chris’s mom, will send out a Sign Up Genius enlisting the help for food items.

Nov. 22nd: 1:00 Dismissal. Our class will watch How to Train a Dragon that morning.

Important Notes:
Viking Longship Project: Due Dec. 4th

Sandwich Book Report: Our next book report is a mystery book. The book report is due on Friday, Dec. 7th. There is an example in the commons area of the Madison Building.

Service Project: Third grade will begin collecting cans for Must ministry Monday, Nov. 11th through Nov. 21st. There will be a basket to collect canned goods in the Madison Building commons area.

What’s Going on in our Classroom:
Reading: We are finishing up Mr. Popper’s Penguins, and will write a full book summary for our final project.

Spelling: Words include: Vikings, warriors, Scandinavia, shipbuilders, sailors, longships, raiders, fjord, jarl, plunder, ransom, runes, slaves, swords, treasure, captured, fierce, iron, trade, and coast. Test on Friday.

Vocabulary: Unit #7 words include: accuse, clever, coast, delicate, explore, imitate, pierce, rare, symbol, and triumph. Test on Friday.

Math: We are starting division and continuing with multiplication! Please work on math facts each night with you child! In our math journals we have been learning about, and practicing making tree diagrams to organize information.

Grammar: Finishing up nouns, and will take a grammar test on nouns. Verbs are the next unit of study.

History: Students are continuing to learn about the Vikings. We will write several essays and type them up in the computer lab. We completed research on the Viking longships which will be helpful for the project due Dec. 4th.

Science: More work in the Beaker Jr. learning about properties of matter, density, and buoyancy.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Have a wonderful weekend!