November News

Hello to one and all.
 I hope everybody has recovered from Halloween,the time change, and daylight savings time. It will take me awhile to get used to driving home in the dark when I leave school at 6:00. However driving to school in daylight is a nice change.  Now it’s time to get ready for the season food, friendship of lots of fun.    Believe me, I quite THANKFUL to have so many great parents to help me get ready for this fun and festive month.

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, please let me know if your student will not be a part of our Thanksgiving program because I am planning, prepping, and preparing for the different parts of the performance. Right now, our performance will be on Thursday, November 21 in our classroom at the start of our day and should last about an hour or so. I know time will be needed for picture taking because we need to have pictures to share with family and friends during the holiday season. Our feast will be about the same time as lunch and there will be a sign-up genius for the items that we need for our feast. Please be on the look-out for the tasty foods needed for our own Thanksgiving.   

This is new to me, but if you have any Halloween Candy for the Troops- This is our 5th year collecting leftover Halloween candy to be sent overseas for the troops.  We are joining in with first grade for candy donations. Any of the candy we collect will either go to Must Ministries or an Overseas Troop donation.  Every bit helps!!   If you have leftover Halloween candy you would like to donate, please send it in by Thursday, November 7th. You may drop off candy in Mrs. Leagan’s room or Mrs. Bratcher’s room. Thank you.  

Here is
what’s coming this week and month: 

Book Reports: Guidelines will go home on Friday, November 8th.  National Geographic Books for Kids are a good resource AND if you have Amazon Prime, some titles are available for free in the Kindle Reader app. Please keep in mind that students ARE allowed to use more than one resource should they need it.  Students need to check in with a book and their topic by Friday, November 15th.  This requirement is part of their grade so be sure to have them thinking about what they want to research before then. Book reports are due Monday,December 16th.   

Language Arts & Reading – We will begin this week with a humorous fiction story called Click, Clack, and Moo Cows That Type. Farmer Brown’s cows have found a typewriter, and they are using it to demand better working conditions.

Grammar:  We will begin working on compound sentences. Vocabulary Strategies:  We will be working more of prefixes (pre means “before”) and mis (means”not” or “badly”) Comprehension Skills and Strategies: Conclusions use details to figure out more about the text. We are learning to Infer/Predict using clues to figure out more about the story or parts or important ideas. 

Phonics: Base words with endings -s and -es(including pronunciation and syllables)  Math:  We are doing well so far with this difficult chapter. Attention to detail and organization of work is the most crucial element in this chapter. Please be sure to work with your children on organizing their data when finding the mode, median and range. Also, skip counting practice will be beneficial during this chapter as well. I am working on it as much as I can in class, but extra practice at home will really help solidify it! 

History: The class did a wonderful, incredible, AMAZING job on their Geography tests. I am very proud of their hard work on this unit. Next, we will begin our next unit, Japan.This is a quick one and therefore we should finish up much faster than our previous units.   

Science: Today,we began our next cell on the Earth’s Surface. In your student’s Monday folder there is a Parent Letter that is filled with all of the information you need to know about this interesting topic in science. This cell will take many weeks to complete, but get ready for some great vocabulary words that will soon be apart of your student’s vocabulary.  Phew! I think that’s all we can take for now. Thanks again for your time, and I’ll be in touch soon. 

Yours truly,
Cheryl Leagan
2nd grade teacher