November 8, 2019

Hello Everyone! The class had a busy week full of learning and fun, playing (which is also learning). We finished our letter of the week, “E” by making an elephant. It required a lot of concentration cutting 10 pieces out and then putting them together on another paper to create the elephant. The kiddos are becoming quite good at these type of tasks. In Math they are learning about sequencing, using picture cards. This proved a little tricky but everyone got the hang of it in the end! In Science I introduced a STEM activity where the kids had to create some type of fence that could hold their candy pumpkins. There are some great pictures attached showing their work, take a look. In addition to all this, we are in full throttle creating everything Thanksgiving to dress up the room for the feast, which is on November 20th at 11:00. Hope to see everyone there!

Have a restful weekend,

Mrs. Staggs & Mrs. Tallman