GAZETTE #8 November 7th 2019

Yesterday, we met Tic, Tac and Toc, our new Superkids. The children are enjoying their
song and loved hearing about “the terrible troubles” that our Superkids got into. We are working with blends, beginning, middle, and ending sounds. The children are all doing great and trying their best. Did you know that decoding and encoding can be lots of fun when you play different games? This week, we even started to play the buzzer game. Ask your little one about it. They all enjoyed teaming up and answering questions from rhyming to spelling, social studies, science and even the color of Ms. Kathie’s car. It was a fun game and everybody got into it big time! In the next few days, we will be writing Thanksgiving stories as well. Please continue to practice the Word List at home.
The Word List Test is on Friday, November 15th.

MATH: We finished Chapter 4 with flying colors! The next chapter is all about numbers to 31. We will learn how to identify the numbers and compare them. Please, keep practicing writing the numbers at home. Practice makes it perfect! The Chapter test will be in December.

SOCIAL STUDIES: After tomorrow, our room will start to look more and more like Thanksgiving. This week we are learning all about the Pacific Northwest Indians. We are talking about their big celebrations called potlatches where they would dance and listen to stories. We are also learning how they carved totem poles and how each totem pole tells a different story. Tomorrow, we’ll even start to work on our own totem pole. Give us a few days and it should be completed.

THANKSGIVING FEAST: Thursday the 21st at noon in our classroom. We are all excited about our Feast on Thursday. I hope you all are going to be able to make it! The children are doing a fantastic job getting ready for our little show. We will start at noon with the performance and then we will have our lunch. Please come hungry! Our Room Mom, Maria, will contact you really soon about the details of our feast!

Mrs. Siegelman and Ms. Kathie