50th celebrations now in WA history

Our 50th celebrations are now in Wood Acres history, captured in hundreds of photos, and now a part of our rich tradition of inspiring young people to explore, discover, apply, and engage in learning.  It was a spectacular weekend in every way and we were so fortunate to have hundreds of past and present students, staff, and families join in the celebration. 

The 50th anniversary photo book is completed and we invite you to enjoy it any time in the school office lobby.  Pictures are worth 1,000 words and this book is full of tens of thousands!  We also have individual photo prints on display in the Newbery Room of the Stacks for students and staff to enjoy.  Sorry no ice cream or popsicle leftovers! 

Wood Acres certainly has a strong vibrant legacy as well as a rich history of which we are both proud and humbled.  Fifty years is a milestone any way you look at it!  But we are also looking toward the future and the next decades of our unique “Ginkgo” school. 

While strong instructional leadership is key to any successful organization, it is completely ineffective if the rest of the team is not in sync with that leadership and vision.  Wood Acres simply excels in this area.  We teach leadership classes and strategies to our students, we empower our faculty and staff to be leaders in their classrooms and model effective leadership skills, and we work together as a living organism that grows, innovates, and improves with the times.  We got this… and it has stood the test of time… for 50 years!

At this time of thankfulness, I am so honored to be the Head of this amazing school and the caretaker of your children’s education.  I thank each of you for making this milestone of 50 years possible!  God bless us everyone!

Judy Thigpen